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I decided I need to start sharing more sessions on this blog, so first up is Michele and her boys! These were taken at the University of Washington campus, when the cherry trees were in bloom. We lucked out with an amazingly warm and sunny day! 
So, Michele is one of those moms that I am in awe of. Relaxed, gorgeous, put-together, makes life seem effortless. She is also an actress, who just did a recent commercial for Mother’s Day which I thought was pretty awesome. Check it out here!
To give an example of just how calm cool and collected she is; at the end of the session I asked her to sign a contract and model release while her boys played beside us. I periodically looked up from chatting with Michele to keep my eye on the boys and at one point I could not find the littlest one Grayson. It was only a second before I spotted him, being cuddled and cooed at by some random woman about 8 feet away. Yep, a woman had picked him up and walked away from us! It appeared that she was innocently showing him off to her family, not trying to steal him or anything, but still, it was really bizarre and I probably would have freaked a little. Well, not Michele. She saw what was going on and was all “oh heyy, he’s cute huh? Yeah, hi buddy!” and didn’t even ask for the lady to give him back, she just kinda stuck out her arms, so that Grayson would naturally go to her. And it worked! No embarassing confrontation, no freak out, just smiles all around. I was seriously impressed and I mentally took notes on how to react if my kid ever gets scooped up like that.
Anyway, enough of the backstory… though I could go on and on because I’ve known Michele for a few years now (I shot Graysons newborn photos last year and we randomly met via the internet when we were both pregnant with our almost 3 year olds) and I just think her family is the sweetest!
Happy Mother’s Day Michele 🙂


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