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Stacked on top of the sign in table at my daughters preschool was a pamphlet asking for donations to a teachers wig fund. I glanced at it, saw the words “cancer” and picked it up, I was shocked to see that the woman on the cover was Miss Pauline, one of my daughter’s former teachers. Pauline is a young healthy mother of three like myself, so it hit me incredibly close to home. I pulled out my wallet and donated the money that I had on me, while explaining to my daughter why I was putting money in a box. Once I told her about Miss Pauline being sick and needing a wig, she said to me “mommy, I want to give her ALL of my money too”. The next day, we did just that. We emptied Addie’s purse and donated a bunch of dollars and quarters to Miss Paulines wig fund.

A couple weeks later I was thrilled to learn that enough money had been donated to Miss Pauline’s wig fund. She was going to get a wig! But I found myself wanting to do more. I decided to reach out and offer to take some pictures of Pauline for her website Pauline Power. I am so grateful that I was able to take these. I am so honored to have met this family. I don’t think I need to describe the genuine love they have for each other. It is so real & sweet. These kids love their mama, this mama loves her children, this husband ADORES his wife.  They are so blessed.

Pauline – We are thinking of you everyday and hope that you continue to have strength and kick breast cancers butt!

Pauline Power Breast Cancer
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