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I ran out of memory today on my 8GB card, which forced me to look through old photos. I found a ton of good ones that I will have to share later. 

These two were taken this past week. I have about a million more flower pics that are equally as cute, but I’ll just post one for now. One of each girl… trying to keep it equal. 😉

It is so hard to get a photo of Pea with her arms showing. She gets made fun of daily for her arm hair. I know that every kid goes through teasing, but it makes me feel horrible for her. Anyone have any advice?


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  1. Mama Fee says:

    First of all I am so impressed with what you have done with your blog! I love how you are very DIY!

    About Portia..poor thing. Have you notified the teacher? When I taught I always liked to be aware of situations like this so I could regulate them. My mother always told me God made me the way I am and I was beautiful. It sounds silly but it always made me more content. 🙂

  2. Cassie says:

    Oh my, Portia is absolutely beautiful in that photo. I’m so sorry to hear she is being teased. I’m sure it never makes a parent feel good. While I don’t really have any advice to give, you can tell her there are lots of us who look at her pretty pictures you post and think she’s beautiful exactly how she is.

  3. Krysta says:

    I am not sure if I have introduced myself before, I could probably go back and check, but I am too lazy, haha. I found your blog a long time ago while I was pregnant (I have a 7 month old daughter now!) and my friend Desi and I were hooked on it! I also used to live in Seattle, so I really enjoy seeing your pictures now that you live there! Your girls are beautiful! My best friend has tons of arm hair and I watched her get teased as we were growing up. Unfortunately, I don’t any adivce that you haven’t heard yet…Just keep reminding her that she is beautiful and if she is getting teased, it’s because they are jealous of how pretty she is, and they don’t know what else to say. I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it is to see your little one with hurt feelings. Good luck!

  4. Ashley says:

    Kids are so cruel. 🙁 And I am especially bothered because she is SO beautiful. It is a shame that little girls are torn apart like that. At only five years old.

    They have some really great, age-appropriate books out there to teach young girls about self-esteem and individuality. You might look into “The Lily Series.” They have two books: The Beauty Book and The Body Book. They are Christian-based and are for ages 8 to 12. I know it’s a little old for her, but I think they could offer some good guidance and teach her about her qualities and what make HER beautiful. 🙂

  5. Caroline says:

    🙁 I’m sorry Portia is being teased. She is beautiful! My cousin’s little girl was being teased for having a unibrow & her parents ended up waxing her. She’s a little older (7). It was a little drastic – but it did stop the teasing. I know the best way is to make children feel good about themselves no matter what but sometimes it’s just not that easy. I remember having really hairy legs when I was 10 & getting teased. My mom told me how beautiful I was & she said it was “golden peach fuzz” & I was too young to shave. I got called chewbaca one day & went home & grabbed my mothers razor & shaved it all off. I’ve been shaving ever since. lol. I know your baby is still a little young…but to this day I wish my mom would have let me wax or shave before I took it into my own hands & gave myself some nasty razor cuts. Hugs & GL!

  6. Mama Tully says:

    Beautiful photos of your girls 🙂
    Poor Portia. Kids can be so mean. I know she is kind of young for doing anything “cosmetic” but if the hair is dark, you could put some lemon juice or Sun-in (do they still make that stuff?) on her arms next time she is going to be out in the sun and that will lighten it up. And, of course, make sure to explain to P that it is important to remember how the teasing made her feel next time she see’s others being teased. As awful as it is to be made fun of, she can learn from it and become a more sensitive and compasionate person becuase of it. Good luck!

  7. D says:

    Poor Pea – I feel her pain! I’ve practically been shaving since kindergarten. We call it the Mediterranean curse in my (Italian) family.

  8. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE the new look! I grabbed your button for my page – check out mine when you get a chance.

    Poor Portia…I would defintely talk to the teacher…and if it gets bad enough, the kids parents who are doing the teasing. Kids are so cruel sometimes. I would just take advantage of the opportunity to tell Portia that this is why we don’t tease or say mean things…not that she ever would…but if anything positive comes of this, maybe she will never tease.

  9. Ashley says:

    BTW, I relocated my blog 🙂 I decided to leave our last name out of the mix b/c there are too many weirdos. I promise I won’t be moving anymore!!

  10. Megan says:

    Poor Portia, I had/still have VERY hairy arms i was called gorilla in elementary school so i shave my arms all through Middle school BIG mistake (they grow back worst) lol! I now just get a lot of sun and it seems to fade it, I also decided that every one of the kids that teased me had “something” weird about them too whether it was then or now as adults. No one is perfect but Portia is Perfectly beautiful and she needs to see that. Just tell her that she might have “arms” that get teased but someone else has “teeth, or hair, or legs” that people laugh at. There is no good way to feel less hurt by other kids comments but as long as she knows how much you and Mike think she is precious and beautiful she will soon see it too! My Haile (7) has very hairy legs, thanks mom and dad(we are both very dark thick haired people lol! She has come to me about how uncomfortable it makes her feel to wear shorts, and although I could just shave them for her, I refuse. Because I think/know how beautiful she is and I don’t care what anyone else thinks, she finally started to think that way too. It is hard to be a kid it is even harder to be a girl, oh kids can be sooooo mean. Just tell her how gorgeous all of us bloggy friends think she is!!!

  11. Francis says:

    I think Portia is beautiful!!! Kids can be so mean some times! I dont really have any advice, but Im also running into some teasing issues with Austin lately. Its nothing specific, but I think he is a “good listener” so a kid made fun of him for being a teachers pet!.. ahhh kids these days!!

    PS love the new look!

  12. Care says:

    Thank you everyone for all the awesome ideas. Of course we tell her she is beautiful inside and out. Kids can be very mean, even in Kindergarten! Yes, her teacher knows, but unfortunately she does not get involved.

  13. t.bird says:

    she’s beautiful & it sucks that she’s getting teased! i’m sure you already tell her she’s perfect but Lord knows that kids are cruel. ugh- sorry 🙁

    buuut- i DID bleach my arm hair in like 7th grade (just to see) and it was amazing how light it got & how long it lasted (i think i did it once a month)

    now i don’t care anymore because it is what it is- but yeah 🙂

  14. Mrs.F says:

    Poor Portia… I know EXACTLY how that feels. I was made fun of from 5th-8th grade about my arm hair! I finally ended up shaving it when I got to highschool & I’ve been shaving it ever since. I know that obviously isn’t an option for her, but I hope you figure something out!

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