Sunny winter day . Gig Harbor family photographer

I figured I might as well catch up on old sessions while I’m on hiatus. I only blogged about 1/10 of my sessions last year. I’ve got two births and two weddings to post! Hoping I’ll be able to share some of those beautiful photos during my time off! 🙂

Up first is my good friend Tammi’s family. Our daughters go to preschool together, we belong to the same moms group, and she also happens to be a local photographer. You can find her at Finding Moments Photography on Facebook.

Now, her daughter is usually the most well behaved toddler I know, but on this particular day, she decided to let out her crazy side. Bribery, tickles, chasing, snacks, toys and every other trick in the book did not work. She was having way too much fun! Fortunately for me, Tammi likes the candid shots, because uh, there wasn’t any posing going on! But, hey, at least we had sun! 🙂


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  1. Danielle says:

    That third shot is absolute joy! I’d have that big in my house! Great work, as usual =)

  2. Faren says:

    Tammi’s family is so beautiful and you did a fabulous job Care!

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