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It’s taken me a long time to define my photography. Sometimes people ask me “how can you shoot so many different types of things?” don’t you want to narrow it down, get into a ‘niche’?

And I never know what to say.

You see, the subjects may be different, but overall my work is centered on REAL moments and REAL emotion. Lifestyle. Candid. Photojournalistic is what some people call it. I call it LOVING emotion. Being able to feel something when you look at a photo. You can look at a session and see if the people truly were having fun or if they were just posed awkardly and forced to smile. Where is the fun in that? Kids don’t like it, husbands don’t like it and even snap-happy camera loving moms don’t like it (I know I don’t!). Of course, there is some posing that goes on at my sessions; every now and then I might casually encourage people to go mingle and interact in the area with the best light and I always give tips on flattering angles or things you can do to minimize flaws, if I notice someone is self-conscious/having trouble in front of the camera, but for the most part, I’m just an observer, there to take beautiful photos of your best moments.

With that said, this session makes me so happy. I don’t need to explain anything about how awesome these daughters and mom were. You can SEE it. I don’t need to tell you how much fun they had. It’s in the photos. I know they will smile every single time they look at these, remembering the awesome day they had in the city. Laughing so hard and so frequently, that they even had me cracking up. You can’t fake this love!

Thanks so so much for letting me hang out with you girls. Hope you had a safe flight home Karen & Kara!


Tacoma Family Photographer
Tacoma Family Photographer

Seattle Waterfront Family session
Tacoma Family Photography
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Seattle Family Photographer


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