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This was my hardest session of 2012. Not because the mama-to-be (and fellow photographer) was difficult to photograph, in fact, quite the opposite, she was laid back and stunning! It was hard because we decided to shoot the session at her house one afternoon in late November (after rescheduling the outdoor shoot due to bad weather). She showed me examples of beautiful lifestyle photos online that she wanted me to emulate. Unfortunately, even though we scheduled the session in the early afternoon and had ample windows to work with, Seattle was just too dark that day. It was pouring outside, it was dreary and gray. The light was awful! Nothing like the beautiful warm sunshine that I saw in her example photos.

(For photographers; I was shooting at ISO 3200 for some of these shots, with my aperture between f/1.6 – f/2 or so.)

By the end of the session I gave up on using natural light and pulled out the dreaded flash. I hate using it, it just doesn’t look like my work, but we had to do it. Despite the lighting difficulties, I feel like I got a handful of beautiful shots. Luckily it was a mini-maternity session, because I did not have more than ten photos I loved to give her… in a situation like this, if it had been a full session, I would have given her a discount or free product or something. I hold myself to a really high standard and if I don’t exceed it and at the very least meet it, then you will definitely know about it. My husband says this is not good for me to do as a businesswoman, lol, but I’m an honest person and I want every session to be THE BEST session of the year. If it’s not working out, we will fix it. For example: Last year a family drove 4 hours to meet me for a family session. By the time they got to the session, their son was cranky, hungry and sooo not in the mood for pictures. I spent the first 15 minutes trying to get him out of his shell, before saying “you know what? Let’s reschedule to tomorrow, free of charge. I want him to be truly happy in these photos.” They were thrilled! It was like the stress was completely taken off their shoulders. That’s how I approach every session.

With that said, here are my faves from this maternity session (for the record, indoor sessions in 2013 will include studio lighting as a backup… lesson learned!)
seattle photographer
Tacoma maternity photographer
bellevue maternity photographer
kirkland maternity photographer


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