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This family session is hard to describe without using the word “magical”. As cheesy as that sounds, while looking at these photos I just thought “wow I captured that day/those crazy hectic mom moments so beautifully“. Now I’m not one to normally swoon over my work, I can see flaws that others probably can’t, but when I look at these photos, I feel like every single parent needs these photos.These aren’t posed. They aren’t stuck in front of some prop that adds nothing to the photo. They aren’t cringing or yelling at each other between forced smiles. They have real energy and emotion. They show Emily being an engaged mom and looking really freaking amazing while doing it. You can see the genuine happiness in their faces and you can tell they had fun despite the chaos. Speaking of, did I mention that it was insanely crowded in the market? Busier than I’ve ever seen it. And it was HOT. But when you consider that we are talking about photographing a child that has just flown in from Chicago and skipped her nap. It could have gone horribly wrong, but it didn’t!

I truly loved this session. I like that if you were there watching me in action, you probably thought I got nothing useable. I mean it even felt a little chaotic to me! But you only need one millisecond to freeze a perfectly sweet and genuine moment. I’m so glad I was able to capture about 50 or so perfect milliseconds on camera for your family Emily. I hope you had a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for hiring me! 🙂


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