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Yep, it’s true!

It seems crazy for me to say (because I am an over-scheduler, like to be busy person by nature), but I’m closing up my calendar for April, May, June, July & August. That means I am now booking for back-to school & holiday sessions.

Am I 100% booked solid? No, not technically, but in an effort to learn from past mistakes (I’ve overbooked myself for 5 years in a row!) I am scheduling in lazy family days, scheduling in editing days, scheduling in time for friends and scheduling in time for other things like birthday parties, summer fun (watermelon, fireworks, baseball games, swimming, exploring, hugging my suntanned and sticky kids at the end of a long day while eating s’mores by a fire!!). What’s better than putting a day on your calendar that says “SLEEP IN & DO NOTHING”? The summer is sure to be super fun and I can’t wait!

And since no post is complete without a picture. This is my family last July on the beach in Washington. This is how our adventures usually go… kids messy, eating sand, me trying to get a picture (the only person smiling as usual, lol), my husband doing what husbands do (playing with fire/building something/fixing something/eating something, etc.) Those are definitely the best days, chaos and all <3
houston holiday portraits

Oh and no summer post is complete without a fireworks pic. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday of the year!!



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