Mt Rainier Family session . Tacoma Child Photographer

When Kristina first emailed me she said that her family had recently moved here from the east coast and that they wanted me to suggest a gorgeous PNW outdoor location. I threw out my usual spots in and around Tacoma, then I added that the wildflowers at Mt. Rainier are beautiful this time of year (this was late August). I didn’t think she’d pick that option, but figured if she did it would be a session to remember. Well, clearly this is an adventurous family, because Kristina said “sure!” to the session at the top of Mt. Rainier.

Little did we know that the trek up the mountain takes about 2 hours from Tacoma. It starts at 400 feet above sea level and ends at 5,400 feet above sea level!!! Oh and did I mention that there was no cell service?! So I just wandered around holding up my camera till this gorgeous little family approached me. Needless to say, it was a session to remember. One of my favorites of the whole year. They could have been stressed, but they weren’t. They were relaxed, sweet, easy going and fun!! I just loved these guys.

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