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+ soon to be baby Cohen!

It was so nice to meet you two!!

Not only do Lindsay & Jake look strikingly similar to my favorite 90’s teen movie couple Freddie Prinze Jr & Sarah Michelle Geller, but they are also just genuinely nice people.

Lindsay is co-owner of Hello Monday, a creative design team that creates websites for business. She happens to be the nerdy one out of the two partners (ha, just kidding Lindsay!), her bio says that she’s “a self-proclaimed perfectionist who happens to have a crazy passion for writing web code.” Well okay then. I’m going to guess that Sarah Michelle Geller doesn’t have anything on Lindsay in the brains department. 😉

And Zach Siler, I mean Freddie, I mean Jake (teehee okay this joke is getting old, I’ll stop) seems to be a pretty smart hardworking guy as well, though admittedly I didn’t pull much up on him via google, which in and of itself is pretty impressive in this day and age! I’ll just say that with parents like these, I’m thinking baby Cohen is going to be a shoe-in for the Prom King or Valedictorian come 2031.

Class of 2031, sheesh that makes me feel old! Can’t wait to meet baby Cohen. Any day now!! Good luck Lindsay.

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