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I pulled up to a darling house with lace curtains around noon on the last day in August. Two and a half year old Arlo greeted me as I walked through the door. “I remember you”, she said excitedly. “Want to see my bug collection?” I turned my camera on and followed her through the living room, eager to see this bug collection. She then quickly changed her mind, “wanna see how fast I can run? Catch me. I’m so fast!! “she said. She started running circles around the kitchen; giggling each time she passed by me. Her joy was contagious. Her energy was a sharp contrast to the sleepy newborn that was curled up in his mama’s lap just a few feet away. “Does baby Beckham sleep through the noise?” I asked mom Leighanna, who was sipping on a cup of coffee. “Oh yes, he sleeps through everything, he’s used to it” she said with a laugh. He’s probably comforted by the giggles of his big sister, the same sounds he heard while in the womb.

These are the moments that any parent with two or more children can relate to. Bringing home the second baby is so different from the first, because you’ve got another child to care for and tend to while taking care of a newborn. It’s an exhausting stage of parenthood, but one that Leighanna & Jake seemed to handle with so much grace and patience. I truly enjoyed getting to capture an afternoon with this new family of four. Welcome to the world Beckham! It won’t be long till you have your very own bug collection!!








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I spy the bug collection! Look next to the lamp. So clever! I’m going to make one with my own kids.

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