Kipper Family Year in Review 2015


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Today I went through old photos and reminisced. You’d think as a photographer that I must do this a lot, but I really don’t. In fact, I take most of my family photos on my iphone and upload them to instagram, never to glance at them again (I know, shame on  me!!). I love to document moments, but I am more of a look forward type of person. Always planning what’s next. I have to constantly remind myself to slow down and soak up the moments that are happening right now. This past year brought us lots of happiness, lots of fun, and lots of love. 2015 had highs and lows as all years do. The lowest point was losing my father in law. This was a great year and we wish he had been here to enjoy it with us. I know he is looking down and smiling at us.

Cheers to 2015. Let’s ring in the New Year!!!


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