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I had been anticipating Jenn & Carlos’s wedding for months, it had actually been nearly a year since they asked me to be their photographer. Everything about the day sounded perfect to me. The wedding was to be held at a 1940’s air terminal museum in Houston. Jenn would wear a vintage short dress and we would have access to the airplane hangars for pictures. Did I mention that Jenn & Carlos are a funny, easy-going couple, who happen to be mutual friends of mine, which basically guaranteed that the night would be awesome? Oh and at their engagement session, they took me out and bought me a drink (or two). Yes. They are amazing!

Taken from their wedding website, this is how Jenn and Carlos met:

Jennifer was at a bar (typical), Carlos was working at said bar (shameless); Jennifer was drunk (on life) and Carlos spoke Spanish (expected).

One month later they were having coffee, antique shopping and bumping teeth on their first kiss.

It was true love.”

Needless to say, I could not wait for this wedding.

In fact, I was so excited that I had planned out all the details of where we would take pictures, where the light would be at what time of day, when we would sneak out for sunset shots at the hangar, where I would set up my lights, etc. etc.

However, about 30 minutes after arriving at the getting ready location, I realized my plans would have to change…

The weather went from sorta gloomy to what felt like a tropical storm in a matter of minutes. Hail started coming down. The venue lost power. The venue flooded. At one point I looked at Jenn and saw the stress in her face and I told myself that I had to at least pretend to be calm. Because I was getting pretty panicky at that point. There was no light. The rain was coming down so hard that the venue was very dark at just 3pm, instead of a sunset at 7:30, I’d have very little light to work with all evening, we could do nothing outside, which meant none of the outdoor shots I had planned would work (no bridals, no groom/bride shots, etc.). We had to scrap the hangar idea. All the group shots had to be done upstairs in a brick room with no electricity and red/brown walls and ceilings. Photographers who are reading this are probably panicking along side me.

But looking back at these photos. I don’t feel that stress. In fact, I got a huge smile on my face while editing these, so huge in fact that my face hurts now. The fact of the matter is, weddings don’t always go according to plan. Jenn and Carlos lost power during their vows. Jenn was soaked in her wedding dress at one point. We didn’t get half the photos we planned to get, but at the end of the day they got married. They are Mr. and Mrs. Giambi. Their entire family was there to watch them celebrate their love and their future together. THAT is what weddings are all about. The rest of the stuff; the details, the cake, the flowers, the garter toss, even the photographers… that’s all a bonus!

I am so grateful that I was there to celebrate with you guys. There was a point during the speeches that I had to hold myself back from crying, because I could genuinely feel the love in the room for you two. Everyone there was so happy for you. It was a moment where I thought to myself “I hope that my family turns out this awesome, that my kids find someone to love like they have, that everyone could be so lucky”.

Cheers to many more years together rooting for the Astros and traveling to exotic places. I’m so happy for you! 🙂
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