Newborn Session Info

1. What’s a newborn session like?

I photograph newborns differently than most. I photograph them as a lifestyle family session. I will take some beautiful, simple portrait photos of your baby to use on birth announcements, but in addition to that, photos will include your home, your family and your everyday life.

Please note: I do not pose newborns. I do think that style is pretty, it’s just not something I find enjoyable to shoot (or am skilled at). If you are looking for that, please let me know and I will refer you to a different photographer. Thanks! 🙂

2. When should I schedule my newborn session?

Please contact me to reserve your session as soon as possible, ideally before you are 37 weeks pregnant. We will set a tentative session date for about 2-3 weeks after your due date. I will be flexible with scheduling, because I know babies don’t usually follow our schedules.

I prefer to photograph newborns within the first four months of life. Because we are not doing the poses typical of a newborn session, you can wait a little while to get settled before stressing over your newborn session. I actually love the 3-4 month age, because they are happy, wide-awake and have added some chub to their body!!

3. Where will the session be held?

I prefer to do newborn sessions in your home. I like to incorporate bits and pieces of your family into the session. Whether it be with an heirloom blanket, a textured ottoman, a comfy bed, a handmade rocker, or a vintage chair, etc. It adds a personal touch to your photos.

4. How long will the session take?

Newborn sessions can last between 1-3 hours. It is a very relaxed session. You may feed your baby at any time. We take breaks. I basically do everything possible to make the whole session enjoyable for you and your baby.

5. Is there anything we should do before the session?

Please feed your baby right before I get there. I usually spend about 10 minutes looking for light when I first arrive, so plan to use that time to finish feeding your baby/getting ready. I would love to take some nursing photos if that is something you are interested in. Just tell me during the session and I’ll snap a few discreet photos of you and your baby. Also, you should get your house cleared of clutter. Plan to show me around your house, so I can find the rooms with the best light. Also, please get yourself ready; put on makeup, do your hair and wear something that makes you feel pretty. You will love the photos more if you love how you look in them.

6. When will I see the photos?

Proof gallery will be delivered within 5 days. Then once you choose and pay for your package, edited photos will be delivered approximately one week later.

7. What should we wear?

I prefer newborns to be swaddled or wearing fitted clothing. Clothes are usually too big and overwhelming on a newborn, so please purchase a preemie outfit or simple swaddle blanket for your session.

Parents and siblings should avoid prints, logos, light colors or skin colors. White is discouraged. Blues, emeralds, purples, browns, etc. are beautiful against a babies skin.

8. What about props?

I love when clients incorporate special items into a session, a hand-knitted blanket, a special hat, a rustic chair or crate, an heirloom quilt, etc. I am not a prop photographer, meaning I try to use minimal props in my sessions, but I will bring blankets, hats and headbands.

9. Final thoughts…

I just want to take a moment to thank you for choosing me to be your photographer. I cannot wait to meet you and the newest member of your family. I want this session to be everything you are hoping for. Please tell me if you have any specific ideas or desires for this session. I want to take photos that you will love for a lifetime. And please know that I will treat your baby the same way I treat my own, with care and respect.

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