Houston Bridal Portraits at Hermann Park


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Kim was my first Houston bridal client and she didn’t disappoint! She was so easy going and gorgeous that I can’t resist posting a blog of some of favorite images, even before I’m done editing her session. She brought along her sister and best friend to act as assistants, and seriously, they were amazing and helpful. Not to mention, they made what could be a nerve-wracking photo session for Kim feel more like a group of friends just hanging out for a day in the park (with me as the random stranger 4th wheel taking pictures and one friend wearing a wedding gown, lol, but you know, a normal day in the park ;)).

Speaking of the location; Hermann Park was an ideal backdrop for our shoot. We started at the iconic Sam Houston statue in front of the reflecting pool. We then walked around the water and took advantage of the cool art in the park exhibits, most notably Patrick Dougherty’s stick fort that was built to celebrate the park’s centennial year. After that we headed into the Japanese Garden to take photos in front of the pretty purple cherry blossoms (did I mention I really am loving Houston & I can’t wait to explore this park even further?!). Finally we finished the session at the The Houston Museum of Fine Arts Sculpture Garden.

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek Kim! Thank you for hiring me to be your Bridal Portrait Photographer and thanks to your sister Lindsay for referring me! Hope you have an amazing wedding in the Bahamas 🙂

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