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So the time has come for me to announce that I’m moving out of Washington at the end of the year. 🙁 Yes, we are sad, so very sad to leave this state we love!! However, we are also really excited to head back “home” to Texas. Mike (my husband) and I met there. I went to college there and I had my first baby there. So you can say we have roots in Texas. Plus my family is there, so the sadness of leaving Washington is balanced by the happiness of all those things in Texas that we love! (Two words: TEX MEX)

With that said, I am going to be moving my business as well (duh, that’s an obvious statement, ha!). To be honest, I’m feeling slightly stressed out that I have nothing on the books for 2014. Usually I am booked for weddings well into the next calendar year, but since we weren’t sure when we were moving or where we were moving, I have been turning down Washington clients for 2014 weddings. Which means I am now completely available for Texas clients!

I am looking for clients in the Houston area, as well as in the hill country, Austin, San Antonio and really anywhere within a 3 hour distance of Houston. I can even go further if the wedding really speaks to me (overseas! Yes, please!!).

I want to be picky about my clients, as I feel like I have been so insanely lucky in Washington. In nearly 4 years I have NEVER had a client I didn’t like. Never had a client that was disappointed (well nobody ever mentioned it, so I’m hoping that’s the case!). I want to have clients in Texas who truly LOVE my work and who feel like I’m a good fit for them. I’ve actually found that I usually end up loving my clients and we ultimately become friends on Facebook or Instagram and keep in touch. That’s not a requirement, but what I’m saying is I don’t want people to choose me out of a hat or just based on budget (I am a bit lower priced than most area wedding photographers, from what I’ve seen online). I want people to be excited about their wedding photography and be involved in the process. Everything I do on that day needs to be focused on your ultimate goal and I truly want to know what your “vision” is.

Here are a few sneak peeks from a wedding I shot this past Saturday. I love the bride and her friends. They were awesome. I didn’t get to chat as much with Taylor (the groom), but he was calm, cool and collected, which says so much about his character.

Can’t wait to meet more people in Texas like this.

Shoot me an email at care@kipperphotography.com if you are interested in hiring me to be your wedding photographer in Houston!

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