Watters Family at Zilker Park


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I met up with Judy, Aaron & baby Jack when my family was road tripping through the hill country a couple weeks ago. You might recognize them because they have been featured on my blog many times (they are the rainy Paris Eiffel tower couple! See here: https://carolynkipper.com/paris/. In addition to their wedding, I’ve blogged their bridal shower, their maternity photos, and their baby shower in the past two years (I also took pics of Jack in the bluebonnets, but I never got around to blogging those!).

This session was so fun because it didn’t feel like work. My own family was hanging out in the park while we shot the session, I was relaxed and inspired by new surroundings (Austin is so pretty!).

If anyone ever wants a photo session in Austin, San Antonio, Gruene, or New Braunfels, just go check out my pricing page then add $125 to the session cost. That is the additional expense for me to travel to the hill country. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, and I can assure you that I’ll go above and beyond for your session. Anyone who’s ever hired me knows that I put 100% into every session, but I get particularly creative when I’m doing something different/in a new place (like the Paris pics). I don’t like being stagnant and using the same locations for sessions, so shoot me an email and let’s take some gorgeous photos!

Check out some behind the scenes cell phone pics from this session. Judy took the one on top. The others were snapped with my iphone. My kids were playing in the water just a few feet from where we were shooting. So fun!!



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