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Elizabeth, Robert and their 4 kids took an epic road trip from Seattle, WA all the way to Houston, TX and I was lucky enough to photograph their family on on of those adventurous days. They’ve been clients of mine since 2010 (including birth, maternity, day-in-the-life and everything in between!). I love that the distance doesn’t dissuade them from hiring me as their family photographer. I’m actually going to see them again this December!! This is why I love my job. I meet the best people and I’ve made some real life friends. It really doesn’t get any better than that. Read more about this incredible family as you scroll down through the post 🙂


Four and a half years ago I took maternity photos of Elizabeth at Kerry Park in Seattle. I remember the day vividly, because they had actually found out that they would be having boy & girl twins that same day!! In a few short months Elizabeth’s family would expand from 3 to 5. Their joy and excitement was palpable.

Fast forward to 2016. This is a picture of 4 year old Adelaide & her twin brother Benjamin (see above). Benjamin and Adelaide were both born alive, but sadly Benjamin died in the hospital. This is a quote from mom Elizabeth after I asked her if I could share this image:

“Perhaps the most touching photo that always pulls at my heart (now with this as a close second), was taken shortly after Benjamin had died. Adelaide was suddenly very unstable, so they placed Benjamin next to her and as a tiny newborn, she rolled to grab his hand and immediately all her vitals stabilized. That was simultaneously crushing, but calming. They knew each other, and I’m grateful to have that memory/image.”

During this most recent photo session I asked Adelaide to sit on the log. I was going to take a portrait of just her, but then she bounced up and said “I want to take a picture with Benjamin!” She got the urn out of her moms bag and said to me “this is my twin, he was with me in mommy’s belly!” Elizabeth told me that Adelaide often says “I’m never alone!” That twin bond is still there and it’s incredibly powerful.

As I was taking this photo I felt that Adelaide looked a bit lopsided sitting on one edge of the log, so I told her to scoot towards the middle of the log, but she didn’t move. Within a few seconds she had hopped up and the moment had passed.

After looking through the photos while editing, I immediately noticed what I had not seen in the moment. The space next to Adelaide was perfectly suited for her brother Benjamin. She had saved a spot for her twin.
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