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On any given day, I am amazed by how gorgeous my friend Brianne and her family are. They remind me a bit of that “photogenic runner guy”. Do you know who I’m talking about…the guy who looks good no matter what? This guy. But on this particular day, it’s even more unbelievable that they all look so beautiful and well put together, because they didn’t have any power that day! We had a huge wind storm here in Seattle and they lost power for I think 12+ hours. No way to blow dry hair, no lights to apply makeup, etc. I can’t imagine what the chaos of getting ready looked like that morning and I’m impressed that she didn’t call and cancel on me (I probably would have!).

Aside from their good looks, they are good people too. Brianne’s one of the most genuine, straight-shooting, hard-working, level headed, silly/fun, yet disciplined people I know. I love her family too.

(PS: She is a ridiculously good wedding coordinator. She will run the show with class, tact and a calming demeanor. Weddings can be stressful and disorganized, but she knows her stuff. I’ve seen her in action and under stress.)

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The above pic cracks me up. I think this session had more funny outtakes than any other session I’ve ever shot. I have no clue what they’re doing, but it’s perfection, LOL. Below is the happy Christmas card version, though I prefer the silly :).

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