Babywearing photo session in Puyallup


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When Brittany asked me to take photos of her wrapping her baby, I was thinking she was going to swaddle her, like you do for a newborn. I was clearly having a bit of a brain lapse, because swaddling a 1 year old in a field does not sound like fun, lol! Luckily for baby Vivi that was not the case at all. Her mama brought a beautiful handloomed baby wrap that is for carrying her baby. This wrap is a thing of beauty and I will admit, it makes me a bit sad that I didn’t do this with my girls! I’ve carried my babies in store bought carriers like the moby, ergo and baby bjorn which work great for their intended use, but don’t seem nearly as comfy and secure as this wrap. Anyway, new mamas, get one of these!! Baby Vivi was happy as a clam in there. In fact, the only time she was happier was when she was with her dad. She was very much a daddy’s girl during this session, which is especially sweet because her daddy will be deploying soon. With that in mind, I couldn’t resist taking a ridiculous amount of photos of them together… I just love that bond.

Thank you for your service and for hiring me to be your photographer! – Carolyn

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