Baby Shower at Brennan’s of Houston


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My husband Mike and I were invited to Judy & Aaron’s baby shower, but I pulled double duty and was also the event photographer. One hand on a camera, one hand on a mimosa… I could get used to that! 😉

You might remember Judy & Aaron from their beautiful wedding in Paris last year. That was truly one of the best days of MY life and it wasn’t even MY wedding. It was magical. (I also shot Judy’s bridal shower last summer.)

I’ve come to realize that Judy does everything a bit differently than other people (Paris elopement anyone?!), but you don’t realize it’s different till after the fact. It’s understated elegance. You start going over the day in your mind and how wonderful it was, how different it was, then you think to yourself “well why isn’t that how EVERYONE does it?! Why isn’t that how I did it?! ” Case in point: a co-ed baby shower brunch. #1 Everybody loves brunch, so that in and of itself is a win. #2 Most baby showers, scratch that, ALL baby showers that I’ve been to have been strictly female. They are fun, but I get invited to a bunch of women-only events and sometimes It’s really nice to have your partner with you at these things! #3 I think most parents would agree that any time spent alone with your spouse is a date (some days that might mean sitting on your couch watching a movie with a bag of homemade popcorn and a glass of wine), but a meal sans kids at a gorgeous upscale restaurant is definitely a date. So thank you for inviting us to your baby shower/our brunch date. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

I can’t wait to meet baby Jack. ♥


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