Alina’s Maternity Session at the Point Defiance Rose Garden


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Months ago when I first got an email from Alina inquiring about my photography services, I had no clue that her maternity session would end up being one of the most exciting sessions I’ve ever shot. Dare I say, the MOST memorable session EVER?

You see, just as we were wrapping up the shoot in the rose garden (she chose that spot because her baby is a girl and she loved the idea of incorporating girly roses into her session) she looked over at her husband and said, “I really need to use the restroom.” We helped her up and she hobbled over to the bathrooms (she was 37 weeks and a few days… first baby). Her husband Artyom and I kept chatting about photos and the birth. I said something along the lines of “well she’s 37 weeks, so it could happen any day now!” while Alina tried to open the bathroom door. After a few tries, we realized it was locked. Alina looked a bit pained as she explained that she thought she was peeing herself and needed a bathroom ASAP. I asked Alina if it was possible that her water had broken, since it seemed unlikely to me that that much pee would be coming out uncontrollably (sorry, is this TMI?). She laughed and said, “well, I don’t think so, it’s too early, right? The car seat isn’t even installed!” We all laughed, but in the back of my head I thought “ahh your water just broke!!”

I mentioned that the nearby Pagoda probably had a restroom, so we headed that way. As we were walking up, we watched as a bride and groom exited the Pagoda. We let them pass before crashing their wedding reception to use the restroom, LOL.

Long story short. The “pee” did not stop coming! It kept trickling for the next two days (she eventually got checked and confirmed that her water had broken). I went home against my better judgement and waited [very] anxiously for the word that I could head to her birth. After nearly two days of waiting I got the call at 5am that it was time to go… and the birth story is coming up next. Stay tuned 🙂

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