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I was asked recently about my sessions “do you take photos of each child or do I have to pay extra for that?” and it made me realize that perhaps, I’m not sharing enough of my sessions. In fact, I know for sure that I have never blogged this family, even though I’ve photographed them 4 times this past year and have adored getting to know them! So I apologize for that. And yes of course I take photos of each child, as well as any other photo that you want!

You see, my family sessions aren’t really “sessions”. They’re more like play dates for your kids. I call them “lifestyle”, some may say “storytelling”. Basically, we meet somewhere that you choose (unless you need ideas!), I take pictures while you have a great time with your family. That’s it!

They take longer than other photographers sessions, but it’s not because I’m telling you to “stand here” or “smile here” or “recreate this pose”, it’s because you are doing something as a family and you just happen to have a photographer along for the ride 🙂

It’s evolved into this naturally and I just love it. No pressure. No crying kids. No stress. We even take snack breaks!

So without any more blabbering, here is my little buddy Amélie and her fun-loving adorable family spending a day at the Pumpkin Patch!

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