SOOC hats . Tacoma Child Photographer

I mentioned before that I did a hat shoot last Friday. Well, without going into too much detail (because Im heading out the door in a couple minutes for a playdate), it took me 6 tries, 4 adult helpers, a camera that shoots 8fps, and about 150 shots of her pulling the hat off, to get just a FEW good ones of Addie wearing the hat. Oh man, my kid must be the most difficult toddler, because all the other kids wore their hats and smiled sweetly for me. Not my kid. No way. LOL. Here are some SOOC’s print screened from my computer (straight-out-of-the-camera) shots of the hat shoot. I will share edited versions in a few days when I am done with them all.

This is zoomed way in. Look at her pretty eyes!! We finally got her to wear the hat by feeding her graham crackers and coolwhip. Definitely my child!! 😛

The reds are killing me. This was shot in RAW, custom white balance and still blew the reds. yuck!

So cute.

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