Scavenger Hunt

So there are a few things I do online everyday. 1) check my email 2) check facebook 3) check/post blog 4) check news and 5) check out this photography forum full of all my online photo friends.

Anyway, this forum always does fun contests and stuff each week. I’m usually a slacker and dont participate or dont remember till the last minute. But, this week I actually did it! Yay me.


So here are the 5 things we were supposed to take shots of (I used one from my archive – the sunset).

1. Shadow or Silhouette (also your POTW theme) – my hubby and I in Mexico, taken w/ tripod

but here is a more recent one. a pretty sunset.

2. Motion Blur – tried my hand at panning. I liked this one b/c of her expression. Panning is super tricky and I suck at it.

3. Magazine – Seattle Met magazine of course!

4. Ten – apples and pears picked from our yard!

5. Glass – glass window on our front door

Then some random photos from this past week:

A really fluffy dandelion. I think they are extra poofy up here in the PNW!

Oh and a bigger version of that family pic.

and just for fun, here is our family pic from December. Addie has changed a ton!!

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