Gig Harbor Family Photographer

Well, I got permission to post these pics, so I am going to show a few from their session.

She’s one of my best friends, we were both bridesmaids in each other’s weddings, we both had {surprise!} children when we were 19, lol. She is gorgeous, sweet and smart… oh and PREGNANT! Due in early Feb/late Jan. Woo hoo!

First we took some pics of their new house…

Then we took some of them in their new house…

Then we took some in their new neighborhood…

Then we went to her parents house for group pics.

This is my favorite of the bunch (there were tons of them smiling nicely, I just liked that Kristin’s son was the focus of this shot, because that’s how it is in real life!)

Another one that I loved…

I shared the jumping version of this one a few weeks ago (here):

Here brother Jimmy is a newlywed:

I love that you can’t tell which one is the Grandma in this one. Her mom is gorgeous!

Another one I like (out of the 150 or so I gave them):

I shared one similar to this a few weeks ago. Aren’t they pretty?!

This whole session made me realize that I love taking photos of people in their own environments; their own houses, their own yards. It makes everything more personal and more comfortable.


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