Ridiculous amount of bath pics

I was finally able to get some good bath shots thanks to my lovely assistant (Portia), who gave Addie a bath while I took photos (see sisters post below). Also, I could not sleep last night, so I stayed up¬†editing photos and watching figure skating, which is something I rarely do to my personal photos. I’m sure everyone is sick of these bath photos by now, but I’m not, so here are the rest of them! Last bath post for awhile ūüôā
Oh and someone asked if we were getting rid of the tile. Well, not any time soon, but yes, eventually we will add about 10 feet onto the bathroom and¬†everything will be redone. They are beautiful retro tiles, but unfortunately I don’t think we will be able to save them.
PS: Ducky tub is from Walmart and it quacks.
Have a great weekend!

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