Julie + Brian … Tacoma Engagement Photographer

I had planned for this session for weeks. Chatting with Julie about a fun “for better or for worse theme“. The day came and Julie could not stop giggling and smiling like a love-sick school girl at her fiance Brian!

The for better of for worse theme pretty much went out the window after that, LOL! For better or for better was more like it. 🙂 Now for the record they aren’t a sappy lovey dovey couple, they joke and tease like the best of them. They both have HUGE personalities which meant I was cracking up pretty much the whole session. They met in a bar called Baker Street Pub (these photos were actually taken in Houston, but since I am not a Houston photographer, I am putting my location in the title… don’t let that confuse you, these are Texans!), which was the first stop of the day.

Sorry for such a huge share, but I love so many of these photos (oh and I had to sneak a couple of Julie’s gorgeous mom in. Stunning. I can’t decide if I like the black & white or color better, you tell me!)

Congrats J + B. I wish you an eternity of silly days like this one!

[If you know anyone in the Seattle or Tacoma area that is getting married, please refer them to me. I love shooting engagements and would love to expand my portfolio. My email is care@kipperphotography.com. Thank you!]

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