as luck would have it… {Seattle Lifestyle Photographer}

When I first “met” Elizabeth, it was via this blogging community/world that I’ve become a member of without even realizing it. Women from all over the country somehow land here on my blog and I somehow land on theirs as well. We become followers, fans, and sometimes even friends. Elizabeth is a photographer too. You can check her out over at 1912 Photography. She shoots with film (and digital…Nikon as well), which is pretty awesome in my opinion! 🙂

Anyway, back to the story… I got an email  right after the new year, asking if I could photograph a day-in-the-life session for Elizabeth’s family. She mentioned that they were from out of town, but would be in Seattle in February. We started chatting and I realized that A) she was Elizabeth from the Clutching Boxes Blog B) that we had gone to the same college and C) as luck would have it I’d be in her home state for a whole week in January! Much better to do a day-in-the-life session at their actual home! 

The only issue was scheduling her session around the birth that I was photographing that week. It’s tricky to schedule around a birth, so after several changes snafu’s (love that acronym, did you know it was an acronym?), plans were made and I was on my way!

I woke up the morning of their session with a ton of energy, despite the late night flight I had taken the day before. It was pouring heavy rain outside (none of the light drizzle I am used to), but that didn’t worry me. Most of the session would be held inside. After battling some of that beloved Texas traffic that I used to love so much 😉 I arrived at their house. They live in a huge beautiful house, that I can only describe as a typical Texas house. Lots of land, lots of space, warm and inviting.

They welcomed me in as if I was an old friend…  

As Elizabeth was making strawberry pancakes (yummy) and getting Evan ready, there was a knock at the door. I kept snapping away oblivious to the fact that the neighbor was telling Robert that he had just hit my parked car (well actually it was my moms parked car… I had borrowed it from her that morning). I took a little break from the session to assess the damage. Pretty bad. The whole bumper and light needed to be replaced. The neighbor seemed nice and apologetic, but it threw off the mood of the morning. 

Rain, two hour traffic and an accident all before 10 am. Did I mention I got lost on the way to their house? That was with the GPS telling me where to go. lol. What a terrible way to start a session!

I walked back in as the family was sitting down to eat. We laughed about the unfortunate timing of the accident and I decided to snap back into the moment and deal with the car issues later. I mentally reminded myself to compartmentalize my feelings. {No use getting upset over something that can’t be changed.}

After breakfast it was playtime! Evan practiced climbing, crawling, and jumping on the bed. Lucky boy!

As the day progressed, I got a sneak peek inside this families amazingly loving, funny and sincere life.

While trying to make me feel better about my moms car, Elizabeth & Robert told me stories of all the times that they had been struck with bad luck. Elizabeth said bad luck had followed them around for years!

She laughed as she told me about her wedding day. They had planned a gorgeous outdoor wedding in Yosemite amid the huge trees and scenery, she had even picked out a sleeveless dress for the warm weather that was expected… only to be snowed in by a freak snowstorm for that time of year. Elizabeth said it ended up being better than anything she could have planned; cozy, warm, friends and family gathered around a fire celebrating their love.

This is how they life their life. Carefree. Fun. Glass is half full.

Robert, who is the easy-going husband all women hope for, hung out for a bit before heading to work.

 Then it was time to venture out and run errands. I think its funny how Evan takes over Elizabeth’s frame. Pretty soon he’ll be bigger than his mom!

Those were some of my favorite photos from the day, but there are a ton more. Feel free to view this short slide show I made for them to share with friends and family.

Thank you for letting me into your lives for one brief day! I hope I get to see you the next time I am in the queso and margarita capital of the world! 🙂

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