Accomplishing New Years Resolutions already!!

1) Having more fun with my camera! CHECK!

Today (and yesterday) Portia and I played around with “light writing”. It is super fun. Get into a dark room (for the sunset photos, I wanted the sunset to show, so ambiant light is ok, but NO bright light).

Prop your camera up on something or use a tripod.

Set the shutter speed SLOW. I didn’t go all the way to BULB, but I was at about 10-15 seconds w/ my exposure
You can use whatever aperture you want. I went with F18-22. I found that the wider I went, the more light came in. Smaller aperture = less light. We started to get adventurous and waved the flashlight in our faces in some pics. You can see we were air kissing. LOL. Portia enjoyed it. Addie… not so much. She cried every time I turned the lights off. Poor thing.


Oh and PS: I just used a flashlight, this was just a random “hey lets have some fun type of thing”. You could plan ahead and get more creative with glowsticks or colored lights.


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